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            Do you need help with your Community Outing? 

   Do you need help accomplishing chores around your home?

Tarryl's Teaching Tools presents "ShopXplore" to help you Shop and Explore activities in your community and home. Our bags have been designed for people of all abilities using a three tier system (photos, photos with words, or words).  ShopXplore can be a helpful tool for typically developing children, individuals with autism, down syndrome, memory issues (Alzheimer's, dementia, and post-traumatic memory loss), stroke recovery and more.                               


ShopXplore is a bag which contains a combination of photo and word cards that represent each task of a particular activity.  Choose the best bag for your needs (photos, photos with words, or words).  There are several activities to choose from:

Burgers                        Horseback Riding

Care for Cat                  Library                                                              

Care for Dog                 Movie Theater                                       

Chores                           Restaurant              

Clean Bathroom            Running                                                                        

Dental Office                 Yard Work/Shovel Snow

Doctor’s Office              Swimming                    

Fitness Center               Wash Car                                                                       

Grocery Shopping         Wash Dishes                        

Hair Salon                       and more.

Newest:  Morning Routine, Night Time Routine, Brush Teeth, Shave, Shower                          

(check tarrylsteachingtools.com often for more activities)                           

You can choose a single bag that is best for you or choose a set of 3 bags for your favorite activity which will allow you to start with photos and work up to learning the word. Connect the handle to a shopping cart, handbag, or elsewhere for your convenience.


1. Choose the best type of bag for your needs.
    Photo *** Photo with Word *** Word

2. Point at what is next on your list.

3. Complete a task on your bag or find an item on your shopping list.

4. Put the picture/word card in the center pocket. 

5. Complete all of the tasks for your activity/shopping list. 

You Did It !!!   Fantastic !!!

6. Place the picture/word cards back onto the outside of your bag (or store inside          the center pocket).  

Great Job Completing Your Activity! 

Be Proud of Your Acomplishments!

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