- Who could use ShopXplore?

ShopXplore can be helpful for people of all abilities which include typically developing children of all ages and anyone with special needs.  ShopXplore was initially designed for those with autism but it was immediately evident that our bags could be helpful to young learners, those with memory issues, stroke recovery, and anyone that needs a little help completing an activity.

-  How long will it take for me to receive my item?

Please allow 5 to 10 business days for delivery.  Our goal is to get ShopXplore out to you as soon as possible.

-  Is ShopXplore handmade?

The red bags are premade by a manufacturer.  However, all of the photo/word cards are handmade. 

-  Does the bag come in different colors?

The bags come in red at this time.  We do plan to add more colors in the future.

-  Can I place a SPECIAL ORDER?

If there is a special activity that you would like to have attached to your bag, we ask that you take the photos and forward them to us.  We would be able to attach up to 20 photos/words on to your bag.  Prices will vary depending on the special order.  Please send your request to tarryl@tarrylsteachingtools.com.  

-  Is there a discount when ordering in large quantities?

Yes.  Prices vary depending on the size of the order.  Please contact us with your request. 

 -  Do you make the bags available for businesses to offer to their patrons?

We make special boards that hang onto the wall for medical and dental offices.  This allows the Doctor or Dentist to offer several bags to their patrons while sitting in the waiting area.  Each board includes 6 bags (2 each of photo, photo with word, and word) plus instructions.  The bags include photos and words of each task for a regular medical or dental visit.  Currently the boards are available locally in Illinois.  Contact us for more information.