Our Story

Have you ever been at the store and you suddenly hear a young child crying?  Ever see a parent having a difficult time with a child while shopping?  Have you ever heard a special needs person feeling overwhelmed while out in the community? 

Whether you are helping a typically developing child or a person with special needs,  a little help can go a long way.

Hi!  I’m Tarryl.  I am a Mother that has two young adults severely affected with autism.  I know that getting out into the community can be difficult at times for many different people and I wanted to make a difference.

While working in retail, I wanted to help people with special needs get out into the store.  People can get overwhelmed with too much noise, lights, crowds, etc.  And of course I would often hear children get upset from either too many choices to pick from or loosing interest in shopping at the store.  I wanted to create a tool that would help people with a variety of abilities.  

I put together a scheduling system called "ShopXplore" with a combination of the different systems that my children have used.  This 3 tier system would include photos, photos with words, and words which can promote better reading skills. 

Communication is essential and is helpful to everyone.  ShopXplore has been designed for typically developing children, people with autism, memory issues, stroke recovery and more.   

My goal has been to create a tool that would help with focus on each task of an activity which would assist with less distractions and sensory overload.  Helping a variety of people has been very important to me as well as offering several types of activities to choose from.  Keeping the photo/word cards organized can be difficult when trying to put a schedule together.  I wanted each activity to have its own special bag to prevent parents and assistants from loosing pieces and for easy access.  

ShopXplore can also help people that are learning to read english.  Show a photo and have the learner match the word (or vice versa).  The photo with word cards can be used as a study guide and an answer key.