Care for Cat, Set of 3

Care for Cat, Set of 3

Care for Cat
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Care for Cat, Set of 3 Red Bags 11" x 6.5", 54 Cards (18 photo cards, 18 photo and word cards, and 18 word cards)

Photo, Photo and Word, Word

Learn how to care for a cat. Step by step instructions for caring for your cat. Visual schedule system for how to care for the family cat or kitten. Begin using the "photo" cards and work up to using "word" cards to promote increased reading skills. Helping to focus on each task of an activity with less distractions. Work on developing more independence with community and home activities.

Once you have completed a task in the activity, put the visual card in the center pocket. Move on to the next step until the activity is completed. Great Job! Keep your schedules organized in a single bag. Attach bag handle to convenient location. Visual cards not being used may be stored in center pocket before beginning the activity.

For all new learners, children, people with special needs, autism, special abilities, all abilities, cognitive disabilities, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, memory issues, stroke recovery, mental health recovery, rehabilitation and more.

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