Grocery Sample Set (6 grocery items)

Grocery Sample Set (6 grocery items)

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 Grocery Sample Set, Red Bag 11" x 6.5"

18 Laminated Grocery Cards (6 photo, 6 photo and word, and 6 word cards)

Photo, Photo and Word, Word

Going to the grocery store. Visual system for shopping at the store for grocery items. Shopping List for six different grocery items found at the store.  Each of the six items has three types of cards (photo, photo and word, and word). Begin using the "photo" shopping list and work up to using the "word" shopping list to promote increased reading skills. Helping with focus when there are many distractions at the store such as lights, noise, smells, crowds, and many choices that can make shopping difficult and cause sensory overload.  Working to increase independence at the grocery store.

Once you have found an item on your list, put the visual card in the center pocket. Move on to the next item on your list until all have been found. Great Job! Keep your shopping list organized in a single bag. Attach the bag handle to the grocery cart. Visual cards not being used may be stored in center pocket before you begin your shopping trip.

For all new learners, children, people with special needs, autism, memory issues, stroke recovery, special abilities, all abilities, cognitive disabilities, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, mental health recovery, rehabilitation and more.

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